NCERT Solutions for Class 9 ENGLISH PDF Download CBSE

Class 9 forms the base for students going to class 10. Students have to be mentally prepared for their board exams in class 10. Many students take class 9 very lightly and this results in excessive pressure in the board class. NCERT textbooks have been writeen in such a way that all the topics can be understod easily. The textbooks have exercises at the end of each lesson. Students should solve each and every question of the back exercises. We at HINDIVARTA are aware that the exercises are difficult and cannot be solved in the first go. Therefore we have made available NCERT Class 9 solutions in PDF format below:-

Class 9 BEEHIVE NCERT Solutions 

Chapter 1 - The Fun They Had
Chapter 2 - The Sound of Music
Chapter 3 - The Little Girl
Chapter 4 - A Truly Beautiful Mind
Chapter 5 - The Snake and The Minor
Chapter 6 - My Childhood
Chapter 7 - Packing
Chapter 8 - Reach for the Top
Chapter 9 - The Bond of Love
Chapter 10 - Kathmandu
Chapter 11 - If I Were You

Class 9 Moments NCERT Solutions 

Chapter 1 - The Lost Child
Chapter 2 - The Adventure of Toto
Chapter 3 - Iswaran The Storyteller
Chapter 4 - In The Kingdom of Fools
Chapter 5 - The Happy Prince
Chapter 6 - Weathering The Storm in Ersama
Chapter 7 - The Last Leaf
Chapter 8 - A House is Not a Home
Chapter 9 - The Accidental Tourist
Chapter 10 - The Beggar

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