Why Modi's Govt is looking to frontload borrowing?

The government plans to borrow 57.55% of its full-year goal in the first half of FY24, which is called frontloading the borrowing programme.

The borrowing amount will be finished in 26 weekly payments of between Rs 31,000 crore and Rs 39,000 crore.

In the past few years also, Modi Govt. has been borrowing at 60–63%.

The gross market borrowing to be Rs 15.43 trillion in FY24,  8.88 trillion (57.55%) to be borrowed in the 1st half.

The money will be borrowed through bonds with terms of three, five, seven, ten, fourteen, thirty, and forty years.

Announcements about the sale of sovereign green bonds (SGBs) will be made in the second half (H2) of FY24.

Nirmala Sitharaman forecasts that Centre's fiscal deficit would drop from 6.4% of GDP in FY23 to 5.9% in FY24.